Saturday, February 11, 2017

Winter Leftovers

I'm almost giddy about this pair. It's the leftover yarn from the Winter Night socks and the blue and white Opal socks

The cuffs aren't as long as I'd usually knit them, but I used almost all of the Winter Night leftovers. Not at all bad for figuring it out as I went along!

Now I want to pull out the leftover yarns from Summer Night and Fall Night and see what I can pair them up with. This is the perfect mindless knitting.


mckie2 said...

The stripes are matched perfectly. You did an amazing job with the leftovers. I like these a lot.

Dar said...

Wow. Fantastic results. I think I'll look through my drawer and see if I have any coordinating leftover yarns to try the same. My favorite color is purple, so maybe there will be another color that will go with the only purple yarn left from my first sock knitting experience. Thanks for the inspiration.

Judy S. said...

Very cute! Short socks seem to be very popular now, too.

straythreads said...

Love your math on the socks

Sharon Massena said...

Very cute summer socks. Love the white with some blue which really makes them look special

grammajudyb said...

I can see these being worn with sandals on the first almost warmer days of spring. Too cool for bare feet, but too warm for heavy socks. Awesome!!


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