Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Looking Back...

Five Years Ago This Month....

I wasn't having much fun.  I was recovering from knee surgery and the first round of blood clots. They were telling me that I hadn't followed the doctor's instructions (and I was swearing up and down that I had) and that I didn't have to worry about getting clots again in the future.

Quinn and Leif were arguing about whether or not the Creature from the Black Lagoon is a swamp monster.  Five years later, they still haven't decided.

Ten Years Ago This Month....

I was pregnant with a six-month-old and two bigger kids, packing for the move to this house, and distracting myself from the growing pile of boxes with some late night colorwork and felting. The plan was to use these same horses on a sweater for one of the boys, but they outgrew that idea before I managed to follow through on it.

I was working on a round baby blanket....wonder where that ever got to? 

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