Thursday, June 09, 2011

the creature from the black lagoon is not a swamp monster

Or so Quinn tells me. Leif insists he's a swamp monster, but Quinn says that he's from a lagoon and swamp monsters only come from swamps... Have I mentioned that those two can disagree about absolutely ANYTHING?

I was going to post about the creature debate even before I stumbled across the Monsterama fat quarters giveaway over at Fabric Worm. I could make my boys something seriously neat with that fabric!

Look at these prints of women and the sea they're giving away over on Poppytalk -- they've really captured my imagination. I love how the bathing suit reminds me of the one the original Barbie dolls wore.

I'm still spending more time drooling over other people's ideas than working on my own, but I'm getting steadily more motivated. Three new Go! dies are on their way to me and I'm making lists and lists of what I plan to do with them.

The Orthopedist says I can drive! I'm not going far from home, not until I know how well my knee is going to put up with braking, but I can go get my own milk and bread and cinnamon bears and that's a wonderful feeling.

I forgot to ask him about the stairs to the sewing room.


Kare said...

I say you go upstairs to your sewing room on your bumm, just using your arms!

Tania said...

Like stairs to a sewing room would stop you! Bottom! Slides! Improvise!


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