Thursday, February 12, 2015

Meet Karen!

The lighting isn't great this morning and I can't get my pretty quilted swirls to show up, but you get the idea -- 

This is the Boho Patchwork Vintage Star Quilt from Sweet Dreams By Sarah, using 4" squares instead of the layer cake pieces that the pattern calls for. It wasn't much work to adjust the rest of the math and make it baby quilt sized. I haven't taken a tape measure to it yet, but it's around 40" square.

The fabric is from a thrift store (or it might have been a yard sale) scrap bag. Because these were strips left over from someone else's project, they were already together and coordinated, just waiting for someone to make something else. And now that I know that I like the way they look, I'm going to use the rest for something a bit more ambitious.

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KaHolly said...

Love it!

Jenny said...

Very pretty indeed - good job!


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