Saturday, February 21, 2015

Because I Needed a Ballerina

When I was looking at my Great-Grandma's applique and embroidery sampler quilt last month, a ballerina block caught my eye. I'd never noticed that one before, not after years of snuggling under it as a kid, or when Grandma and I pulled it out three years ago so I could take pictures. 

Her tutu was so delicate and pretty that I decided I needed a ballerina for my Garden Party Quilt. The ones I'd already stumbled across were children, but then I stumbled across this pattern at Average Jane Crafter. She's perfect.  Different from the one on Great-Grandma's quilt, but with all of the details I loved about that one. 


Terri in BC said...

Your ballerina brought back memories of a pillowcase my mom made. It featured a ballerina that she painted with fabric paint (remember the tubes of paint?). I came across it recently, yellowed with age, but what a treasure! Love your g-gramma's quilt, and yes, we remember those that are seen and used, far longer than the "show-quality" ones stored, never to see the light of day.

Alison said...

I'm suddenly remembering all those iron-on embroidery patterns that I did as a teen in the '70s. Somewhere there's the top of a baby quilt, waiting to be quilted, with puppies and kittens. I have no idea who I was making it for way back then.


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