Saturday, April 26, 2014

Scarf Style 2

I may not wear them often, but I love knitting shawls, especially intricate lace ones. My theory is that as long as I stick with reasonably priced yarn and patterns, the entertainment value is worth it. And sometimes I do remember to throw one around my shoulders.

I spent a lot of time drooling over the designs in the first Scarf Style book, which came out at about the same time as I figured out how to knit more than basic stockinette. Scarf Style 2 is even more drool-worthy, with a wide variety of styles and techniques. Even after I eliminated all of the color work shawls as possibilities, I found plenty of patterns I can see myself knitting. (And who knows -- I may overcome my fear of stranded knitting one of these days!)

The Winter Garden Wrap is my absolute favorite. It's a more-or-less rectangular shawl that starts with a square doily in the back and grows out from there.

The Cable-y Cowl is more of an "I've got the yarn for that!" project. It looks cozy and warm and the texture of those cables intrigues me.

And then there's Ilme's Autumn Triangle. I've never met a lace triangle shawl I didn't like, especially if they combine different lace patterns. 

The scarves are all shown from different angles, so you can see what they're going to look like without searching for Ravelry project photos. The symbols are located on the same page as the chart, or on the adjacent page -- and on charts that take up more than one page, they're listed on both pages, which will make knitting the more complex projects a whole lot easier.

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Dar said...

Thanks for the great reference for knitting shawls. I'm just learning to knit shawls and have bookmarked this reference for the future. Right now I'm hooked on socks, but am buying more yarns for future shawls and cowls.


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