Saturday, July 09, 2011

Thread is on sale!

I've been waiting what seems like forever for Connecting Threads to put their thread on sale....then the cost of cotton went up and they raised the prices and I was hoping for a sale that would bring it back down to what used to be full price...and at some point I ran out of the neutral color I use for piecing and did order more, but I've still been waiting for a sale so I could stock up again.

I was down to my last spool of neutral and had mooched another one from my mother to keep me going until I could place an order. Then I had my knee surgery and went a whole month without using any thread at all..



I'm such a happy quilter. I've got enough neutrals coming to last me for a long time. And a few colors just because they're pretty.

Essentials is really my favorite thread. I've done the math and compared the cost per yard to thread from WalMart and sale prices at Joann's and even at the new regular price and paying for shipping, it's a lot less expensive. (I don't do quilt shop thread. I've tried the thread from the sewing machine store, I've sat through the long interesting lecture on why I should think it's better than the inexpensive stuff, and I'm still perfectly happy with my cheap stuff!)

I've got scraps. I've got sheets for backing. I've got thread on its way. I've even got some yardage.

Now what I need is a really incredible sale on batting!


Cindi said...

I pretty much use Connecting Threads thread exclusively. It may lint a little, but it sews like a dream. I love the big cones for piecing - I buy a light, medium and dark cone and can piece anything I sew with them. I've finally realized you don't HAVE to have the exact same color thread as fabric to piece. And those cones last FOREVER! Thanks for letting me know they're on sale!

Amy said...

Any chance you have a Hobby in your area? Every few weeks they have a 40% off coupon on their website.

Christa said...

I know this thread is a few months old, but I'm wondering what a good sale price is to watch for on this thread.

At regular price (without shipping), those cones cost what I pay for my current thread *on sale* at 50% off. (And this is "budget" thread that I'm talking about, too.) I was wondering how low they have gone recently. I just signed up for their newsletter so I can have the heads-up on the next sale.

I'm like you. I can't see the sense in buying Gutermann thread when a more budget-friendly thread works just as well for me.


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