Tuesday, July 12, 2011

it's raining

The weather we're having is just weird. It was supposed to be hot today, so I made plans to meet another mom and her kids down at the river. This is the third time we've rescheduled -- twice because the weather didn't cooperate. And the forecast has switched from hot and sunny to warm and rainy.

I'm fine staying home and quilting, but the kids aren't going to be happy.

The little weather trick that has me annoyed is what it apparently did Saturday in Sisters. It didn't get hot. The coolest temperatures since I started going and the one year I volunteer to stay home, it didn't get hot.

Honestly, I chickened out because I wasn't sure how my knee would take the drive and walking. It would've been just me and the kids this year and I had visions of one of my little guys throwing a tantrum at the far end of town from our parking spot when I'm not able to carry them anymore.

And I figured I could drool over other people's pictures later.

Look at all of the antique goodness Bonnie took pictures of. Especially those string stars!

More quilt show pictures --

With Heart and Hands
Amy's Creative Side
Paris Bebe Fabrics

And I'm sure I'll find more once the Internet cooperates.

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