Monday, February 21, 2011

a little time to play with fabric

I've made a couple of asterisk blocks...

They're fun to make, and cute, but I'm not sure what to do with them now. I don't really want to make an entire quilt worth...or maybe I do. this quilt is awfully cute.

The quilter responsible for one of my thrift store scrap bags left me eighty-two half square triangle blocks to play with. I always wonder about these odds and ends. Were they extras? Was it a project she abandoned?

It was a lot of work for someone to just give up on. And now it's going to be two little lap quilts for the nursing home. I suppose it could've been one bigger quilt, but I'm thinking lap quilts this week.

While I was writing this all, my mom called to tell me about the reporter who started speaking incoherently on the air. I just want to cry for that poor woman. I thought having it happen to me in the middle of a play date (not to mention in the checkout line at walmart) was awful.

I've posted before about how much I like Swagbucks, a search engine I've been using since October to earn free stuff. So far, I've earned almost $50 in Amazon gift certificates. Which I've been using to buy new dies for my Accuquilt Go!

There are lots of ways to earn points on Swagbucks -- surveys, playing games, watching videos, hunting for codes... But just using the tool bar for searches you'd be doing anyway is by far the easiest.

This week, Swagbucks is celebrating its third birthday. If you use the code 3rdBirthday114 when you sign up, they'll reward you with an extra 50 Swagbucks.


Cheri said...

How about a spring table runner with your asterisks? Color is a good start and they remind me of playing jacks in the spring when I was a child. Did you hear the dx on the reporter that it was migraine induced and not a stroke?

Appalachian Quilts said...

love the scrappy HSTs. If they were smaller, that would look just like the quilt "Waste not, want not" from the book Bits and Pieces! :)

Kathie said...

I like those first blocks, have always wanted to try them...thanks for sharing yours!



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