Monday, August 16, 2010

last night

I assembled some I Spy blocks that have been gathering dust into a little top.

I pin basted the new top and a two color zig zag quilt I'd pieced a week or so ago.

I finished quilting the spirals on that baby quilt that got derailed two months ago and machine stitched the binding.

I used (and broke) the walking foot to quilt the zig zag quilt.

I started meandering the new little I Spy, which was coming out absolutely gorgeously...

And, about halfway through that, I finally had to accept that that my machine is definitely having some new issues and needs to seek professional help.


Kate said...

I hope it gets sorted soon. The quilt is looking great.

Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

Busy night! :) I absolutely hate when my machine acts up, so annoying. Good luck :)

Quilt looks fab!


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