Sunday, November 12, 2006

Late night knitting has got to be one of my favorite indulgences. I cast on just after chasing the kids off to bed and by 12:30, I had a mitten!


There's a lot I like about this project. It was easier than I expected and worked up quickly. It almost fits my hand, even though the pattern only goes up to a large child size. I can see where to add a couple of rows to make my pair fit just right and I've got the perfect color combination of wool to do it with. Alex wants this pair, so it'll work out just fine. Heath wants a pair, too. Think my enthusiasm will hold out through three pairs?

The yarn -- Red Heart Soft -- has me hoping that it's really as good as it seems. It's nice to work with, comes in a lot of pretty colors, has great yardage, and was absolutely dirt cheap. If it holds up in the wash, I'll be even more thrilled.

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2bzy2knit said...

I love the mitts! I want to make a pair for my daughter. Nice to see that they're a success! - Andrea,


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