Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Should I Bake?

Take a look at what moved into my house on Tuesday....

I haven't posted much about the sad ongoing saga of my kitchen. For a while I was cooking for a family of six with two working burners, a crock pot, a rice cooker, and a toaster. Then the crock pot broke and the well went dry.  The situation has improved dramatically since then, but I haven't had a real oven for almost a year.

We could have replaced it sooner, but shopping for appliances makes me miserable and we kept finding excuses to put it off. We'd go out and look at appliances and put off the decisions until later. Our experiences over the past few years have been nothing but bad. (Remember the washing machine?)  Hubby finally picked this one out. My one request was for five burners. If I could've had an appliance without any computerized bells and whistles, I would have been happy as a clam.

Why does my stove need to have Bluetooth capability?  Apparently, it's so it can talk to the microwave and the clocks will sync so we don't have to set them both. We won't be buying a new microwave that speaks the same language as the stove. Just in case you were wondering.

So, now that I've forgotten all of the things I used to make in the oven, what should I bake for my family? Any tips for a first time gas oven owner?

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mckie2 said...

Pinterest might be off some help as everything has pictures and it all looks good. I've recently bought a new stove for a new to me house but I'm still having work done on the house so I can't cook yet. I'm getting impatient. But my Pinterest boards are full of things that look wonderful. I hope they taste half as good as they look.


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