Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Don't Want to and You Can't Make Me, But...

The second round of Sock Madness started on Sunday and I almost dropped out after reading the pattern. That cast on, which is Judy's Magic Cast On with beads thrown in, looked brutal.

If I was making these socks on my own I'd do something different. But for Sock Madness, we're required to knit the patterns as written. While knitting the first pair, I learned a new toe and a new heel and did a slip stitch pattern with two colors for the first time in years. They're not my favorite socks ever, but I enjoyed the challenge. I'd enjoy this pair too, if I could manage to get started!

After most of the day and lots of encouragement with my team mates, I'd managed this. I think it's right, but I won't know for sure until I knit another two dozen rows and join the part I've been knitting to the live stitches with the beads.

What do you do...Avoid patterns that are obviously over your head? Learn new things so that you can make projects exactly as the designer intended? Simplify it so that you can do the part that appeals to you?


Judy S. said...

That cast on befuddles me, too, and my name is Judy. Go figure! Looks like interesting socks though.

Laura said...

I've done a little beaded knitting but never cast on with beads. Do you string them on the yarn first?

Dar said...

OMG. It looks like you are using 8 dpns for the cast on. Way over my head! Can't wait until you get those two dozen more rows done so I can make out what it looks like. Definitely not a beginner project. !


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