Thursday, July 17, 2014

Barbie's Clothes

Jo asked about the little magazine that I was finding the clothing pictures in. It's a catalog that  came with my Mom's original dolls. I'm assuming that one came with Barbie and that the other came with Ken, since we've always had two. They're smaller than they look in the pictures -- a little bigger than Barbie size.

I used to love reading through these -- and still do! Barbie is "tailored" and "accessorized" and her clothes are always "ensembles." It's all just so elegant and poised and wonderful.

Mom didn't have these three outfits, but I love the illustrations and descriptions.

Registered Nurse 
Barbie cures patients in a trim white cotton uniform with zipper back, buttoned blouse and real hip pockets. With her spectacles and graduate nurse's cap, she wears a navy blue cape lined in red silk for outside calls. Hot water bottle, diploma, medicine bottle and spoon complete the set $3.00

American Airlines Stewardess
Barbie takes off for sky adventures in her flight blue uniform with flight insignia on cap and jacket. Her white nylon blouse and shoulder pocketbook are trimly tailored to regulations. An American Airlines flight bag travels with her. $3.50

Barbie dances before kinds and queens as the Sugar Plum Fairy, costumed in a shimmering silver tutu. A program announces her performance. For practice at the barre, she wears a black jersey leotard and tights. Pink satin shoe bag holds her ballet slippers. The set, $3.00 

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Jo said...

So cute. I love them!!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Oh yes Michelle, I remember those little booklets. I use to drool over and dream of more outfits. One of my favorites was for Ken. It was an overcoat and it came with the tiniest set of keys. Wish I still had them. My older sis has all of hers. I let my mom give them to my brothers' daughter. One Christmas they had no money and mom asked if we were willing to give up any of our old toys that we had when we were younger. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and for sharing with SYC.


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