Monday, June 08, 2009

We've been travelling. Which is great and wonderful and fantastic, but by the time we got home I was really looking forward to playing with my sewing machine and letting everything else go for a few hours.

It hasn't been that easy.

In addition to a few other things we didn't expect or feel like dealing with, we walked into a house without running water. Something's wrong with the pump. Or the well. The water is sort of mostly running now, but it's definitely not the color I want my water to be.

I knew I should've washed those white sheets before we left!

We spent most of the trip in a time share unit that felt almost as big as our house, but on the way there and back we stayed at a couple of motels that are more what we're used to. I was trying to fall asleep the second night when I felt something fall into my hair.

I don't want anything falling in my hair in a cheap motel room. I can't tell you how hard it was to reach up and feel whether or not something actually was in my hair. At least I didn't scream and wake up all four kids. I did wake up Bill to find out what it was and make sure it got out of my hair.

It was a safety pin. Not just a safety pin, it was the bent kind that quilters use.

Any quilters out there have a reason for putting their bent safety pins in the ceiling of a motel room? Trying to figure out how it got there kept me up that night. Well that, and the fear that something else would fall on me.

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