Friday, June 26, 2009

mustn't start anything new....mustn't start anything new...mustn't start anything new....

That's the mantra over at Stashbusters these days, and although I'm not sure I agree with it, it might just be possible that I should come up with my own variation. While Bill was in Safeway picking up some stuff for dinner and I was stuck in the car with the kids (because sometimes it really is much faster to do it that way than for all of us to go in and trek through the store)I made a list of my WIPs. Not UFOs, projects that I'm really working on and expect to finish. Just the ones that I could list without really thinking too hard.

There are twenty five of them.

That might actually be a lot.

  • Weed Whacker -- needs binding sewn down
  • Bento Box -- blocks need to be sewn into a top
  • Simple Pleasures -- lots of piecing left to do - but the snowballs are done!
  • Lover's Knot -- 250 blocks left to piece
  • Courthouse Steps -- I've been cutting strips, but not started piecing
  • Chicken Kit -- gotta make sure there's enough wool
  • Bagsket
  • Dino Quilt -- need to piece back and quilt
  • Cat Baby Quilt -- need to quilt and bind
  • rail fence -- need to quilt
  • layered squares -- need to quilt
  • red quilt -- finish last six blocks and assemble
  • scrappy cats -- more blocks to piece
  • lattice strippy -- 13 more blocks
  • cat bed -- quilt and figure out zipper
  • flower baskets -- lots of applique
  • A's Scrappy Mountains Majesty -- sew down binding
  • my own Scrappy Mountains Majesty -- quilt
  • Dot to Dot -- choose fabric for binding
  • Tea Pots -- choose fabric for binding
  • Leif's Snails -- quilt
  • Cheery Buzzsaws
  • Glittering Gems -- quilt
  • Blue Bargello -- Quilt
  • Birds in the Air -- Quilt
  • North Pacific

    And, as if that wasn't bad enough, there's another list of projects I can't wait to start, which I probably can scrounge up the fabric for. (Aren't scrappy quilts wonderful!)I might feel guiltier if I hadn't just finished three other projects.

    So my thought is that if I try to finish at least one project from the list each week (based on my husband's weekly work schedule, not the actual calendar that the rest of the world follows), I can start new things from my stash without guilt.

    Even keeping it up for ten weeks would make a huge dent in the list. Not counting whatever new projects I add while I'm at it!

    Judy D in WA said...

    Hi Michelle, that's quite a project list, good idea writing them down. Think I'll do that too. I'll help you with your binding if you want to machine sew them down. Go to my blog, on today's--June 26th--post is a link to Judy L's video on machine finishing the binding. I did it tonight and it works like a charm. I'm going to do this a lot from now on. Enjoying your blog.

    Stephanie Pettengell said...

    Good luck Michelle, you can do it, I got a list like that down to about a third earlier this year.

    Quilter Kathy said...

    Sounds like a great resolution! And just think of all the wonderful quilts you will have at the end of those 10 weeks!!


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