Saturday, January 12, 2008

Now and than, I come across a thread about "things I would never knit." I don't think I've ever posted my own list, because when it comes to knitting I rarely say never. I don't expect to knit with beads and wire anytime soon, but I seem to be working my way through the rest of the list rather quickly.

I was never going to knit an Ipod cozy because I don't have anything to put in one. But Dad got one for Christmas and I couldn't think of anything else to knit him...

I was never going to knit a sweater with a blocky intarsia animal on it, but then I found Farm Fresh and gave birth to a little boy who is obsessed with chickens...

I cast on late yesterday afternoon and had the entire front and a sleeve done before I finally forced myself to put it down and go to bed. I got the second sleeve and about four inches of the back done so far today.

I don't know why I'm surprised by this. I did help Alex design a sweater for an actual chicken to wear.

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