Monday, January 21, 2008

It's been a hellish week. Nothing life-threatening or truly tragic, but enough is enough! I had hours and hours of potential knitting time yesterday, and I was so worn out I just sat there. It was pathetic.

Tonight, though, is going to be better. I'm going to try to finish the second mitten and maybe start another chunk of TriMiters.

The first mitten was sort of entertaining, and the Red Heart Strata does make nifty stripes, but that's its only redeeming quality. It's got the texture of Supersaver for about double the price. I've got one more skein in my stash and a hat pattern that I want to use it for, then I plan on being done with the stuff.

TriMiters -- I can't decide if this is fun or not! It's not hard, or all that fiddly, but it's got ends. More ends than you can possibly imagine. Four ends per triangle, six triangles per whirly gig thing, four of the whirly gig things... that's 96 ends right there! Not counting the solid triangles, which I'm sure will have ends of their own. I don't like weaving in ends, but I do want this bag.

Oh, and Farm Fresh is done -- and it fits! I'll post some better pictures soon.


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knitternall said...

I love your color choices for TriMiters. And you're right about the ends. Here's a hint: don't worry about weaving them in. Make sure they're on the "inside" then, after you felt the bag, just CUT THEM OFF! That's how I did it and the inside is nice and smooth.




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