Monday, January 22, 2007

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I'm not sure what I've been doing lately really counts as knitting from my stash. I'm just working one on huge project, the Alterknits lace-up wrap/shawl/stole thing. I can't find links to anyone else who's made this, probably because it has such a stupid name that no one is going to type the whole thing out when she's blogging about it. I really think it's going to be more of an afghan than a wrap, even though I'm shortening it by almost 20", but that's fine because I wanted to it to use for snuggling up in the car on long road trips. The best thing about this project right now (besides the fact that it's gorgeous) is that it's EASY! So I can knit a repeat or two at night while watching TV with Bill, or during the day while the kids are tearing apart my house. The end is in sight. If I do at least one pattern repeat a day, I'll be finished by the Fall Cables KAL contest deadline.

I haven't finished anything so far in 2007...still haven't cat on those Socktopia socks...haven't worked on the Endpaper Mitts in far too long. Someone little took all of the magnets off my chart keeper, so I'm hoping I can find my place again when I do want to work on them. And not wanting to work on them because what if I can't find my place?

Working on one project for long stretches of time is supposed to be a good thing, right? I might feel better about it if there weren't so many other things I'm dying to start.

I have a hard time changing yarn plans, but this seems just *too* cool not to try. I don't have "Owl", but I do have a similarly striped brown sock yarn (it's that cotton Regia that Elann had cheap a while back) that was going to be my Eagle's Flight socks. Eagle's flight will look nice in blue, won't it? Because Heath really truly needs a pair of rattlesnake socks. I joined the Six Sox Knitalong and just printed out the pattern.

I should make snake socks, shouldn't I?

I've found far, far too many neat new patterns already today -- seen the 4 corners dishcloth? Or this a very pretty cabled wristwarmer pattern. In my defense, they were all on the same page of the same blog, and I've also done school and gone grocery shopping.

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