Thursday, January 04, 2007

crazy talk

I wonder if any of the other knitters who decided to knit from their stashes in 2007 worry about running out of yarn? There's no way I could knit all of my stash -- but what if I use up all of the laceweight? What if I use the blackberry Super Kydd to knit my Print O the Wave stole, and the Zephyr that I bought for the Print O the Wave Stole to knit a Gerda Stole and the Knitpicks Shadow for something from Victorian Lace Today and then wanted to make another big shawl?

It's crazy talk. I know it's crazy talk. I'm as likely to run out of laceweight as I am to run out of sock yarn. If somehow I do wind up knitting three big shawls one after the other, at the speed of light, and still want to knit more lace, I've got single skeins and I can do scarves.

But fourteen days without running water is enough to make anyone start talking crazy.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

No running water? What's going on? Sounds like lots of "fun" :(


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