Sunday, October 10, 2004

I've done it again -- finished just about everything on my needles. All that's left is the narrow top piece of the cabled baby hat, and that won't take long at all. What I should have done a long time ago (because then I wouldn't have to do it now!)is cast on for one of the two sock yarn baby hats I have planned. Or the cardigan. Anything that'll take forever and be simple enough to haul around with me.

My Knot a Knitted Paper (acrylic in my case ) Bag is done, and came out a lot deeper than I expected it to be. It should make a great diaper and knitting bag.
And, even though I avoided it at every opportunity, I finished the Hallowig in plenty of time for Alex to wear to the birthday party.

None of the new projects I tried to start this week was any fun. The patterns and yarn are put away and there's no evidence that they ever existed. I need to start something new, but the only things I desperately want to knit are the ones I can't do until the kids are quiet, or would have to buy new yarn for. And, even though I'm only on partial bedrest now, the LYSs are all closed. :-(


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