Monday, October 04, 2004

I love stitch markers! After placing them between every repeat on the Petal Baby Hat, I finished it without any more trouble at all. And gave myself confidence to start over on the Cathedral Window Shawl. But not until after I finish Alex's Hallowig, which she needs in time to wear for a "rock star birthday party" this Saturday. I'm still not entirely sure what a rock star birthday party *is*, other than an excuse to knit something with hot pink acrylic.

My only problem with the stitch markers is that I lose them so easily. One will pop off off the needle and either go flying toward the toybox or fall into my lap and under a couch cushion. As pregnant as I am, standing up to find them is more effort than it's worth. I finally got my hands on a package of those tiny rubber bands -- hope they work!


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