Saturday, February 18, 2017

What Are You Getting Better At?

The more I knit and quilt, the more I find myself getting better at things I couldn't do before. Lately, it's been pressing tiny half square triangles without singing my fingertips. This batch was completely "ouch" free.

What have you gotten better at without consciously trying? (I'd given up on pain free ironing years ago, when I still used the iron on clothing.)


Libby in TN said...

Quarter inch seam -- though it's been quite consciously. I've been working with orphan blocks recently, some of them over 15 years old, and I have become very much aware how much my seam allowance has improved! I finger press little HSTs first and press larger ones on a piece of flannel. Still haven't mastered pressing seams open, even with the half-round stick ;-(

Dar said...

I think I've gotten better at sewing more consistent seams. Of course I have my sewing machine marked every which way to be sure and not rely on my old eyes. I'm getting more impatient and just want to have it done, so I tend to only finger press until the block is done. Speeds up construction considerably.

mpv61 said...

I've gotten really good at using my time well. If I'm watching TV or somewhere waiting for a kid, I use the time to further projects: designing with my graph paper and colored pencils; matching up and pinning seams; trimming HSTs; setting up and pinning pieces to sew. Then when I have time in the sewing room, I can chain, chain, chain, iron, chain, iron, etc.

I feel like I make a lot of progress on things without even realizing it. :)

mckie2 said...

My super power seems to be procrastination. I get better at it each year.

Terri in BC said...

I'm getting better at using Leaders & Enders consistently. It certainly has sped up my progress by having precut pieces ready to sew. I just made 100 1 1/2" 9-patches, destined for Sue Garmin's Omigosh quilt, while working on my latest quilt.


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