Monday, February 20, 2017

{Thrift Store Temptations} Not Even Tempted This Time

This week's stop at the thrift store was to search for a couple of cute pillowcases. I found them, and I was also briefly puzzled when I got out of the car and spotted this-- 

Just...what? It's identity is much clearer from the opposite side.

Maytag Wringer Washer

If  the rollers don't give it away, the Maytag logo definitely does.

This one, just a couple of feet further down the walkway, was easier to identify and maybe in better shape. At least it's in one piece, if that counts. It was also a hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

I have no idea what the going rate for old wringer washers is. What I know is that I'm not tempted by these because there's a prettier one in my barn right now that I'm told, by the friend who sold it to me for seventy-five bucks because she was moving and no longer had the space for it,  is in working condition. Someday, I'll wrestle it out and take pretty pictures but on the day it came home (along with an industrial Singer sewing machine that my friend also needed gone right that second) I was just lucky that Hubby was willing to haul them and store them safely away.

Anything tempting (or not) you this week?

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