Tuesday, February 14, 2017

{Thrift Shop Temptations} Stuff I do Not Have a Place For

I hadn't found anything neat at the thrift shop last week and couldn't think of anything around the house that I was ready to post about, so I thought this would be a week without a fun vintage post. 

Then we drove to the grocery store and I caught a glimpse of this. 

Wheeled Laundry Cart

It was in the parking lot of the place that used to be Stuff and Mayonnaise, but is now a different thrift store. I am absolutely in love, but I also admit that I don't have a place to put something like it, not unless I'm willing to sacrifice the grocery cart. Which I'm not. I kept myself out of trouble by not even looking at the price. And now I'm thinking of all of the places in my house that this would fit, because it's smaller than a full size grocery cart.

Servo Snack Set - Four Plates and Four Cups, Still in Original Box

This nifty set has me longing to eat my snacks on a pretty glass plate. But I'm sure I can find one at an estate sale that isn't in its original packaging.

This was probably the most tempting thing of the day. I've wanted one for years and never realized until I Googled to figure out what its proper name is, that they sell them new at Walmart. Vintage is more fun and romantic, but in a house with kids a new one would be more practical. Maybe sturdier and safer, too.

What's tempting you lately?


mpv61 said...

I'd go back and check the price of the little cart!

Little Quiltsong said...

I remember chairs like that red one - how handy to just plop out those 'steps' and be able to reach into the back of the cupboard. Thank you for sharing your nifty finds - I always enjoy seeing them :)!


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