Monday, June 29, 2015

I Wonder if She Even Likes Apples...

This vintage transfer that I found online was so different she had to go into the quilt. 

While I stitch, I make up stories in my head. It's a long walk to that twisted old tree and there are probably thistles and snakes.  The old woman is tired and that bushel basket is heavy. I wonder if she even likes apples. Maybe she feels obligated to pick them because they're ripe and shouldn't go to waste. Maybe she doesn't have many other options.

If I'd chosen brighter colors for the dress I still think she'd look overwhelmed It's her posture and those shoes.  Maybe she's related to the lady with the mop.


~Kris~ said...

This is a very cute embroidery, but my she does have some rather large feet. Her basket does look pretty heavy. If it is anything like strawberry picking, she is probably thinking of all the work ahead to use up those gorgeous red apples. Fun post.

Bonnie said...

Hum, making up stories to go with embroidery! I like it. I checked back to your mop lady and all I could think is she's mopping in high heels. Yikes. Your apple woman will be a nice addition to your quilt.


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