Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yarn Over Cable Socks

This is another pair that will be going to Teenage Daughter because, even though I knew better, I didn't increase for the leg. That stitch pattern isn't really a cable, but it's enough to pull in the fabric and make it too tight for my leg. 

I really like the yarn (I think it's Opal, but the label was long gone by the time I cast on)  and its extra-subtle striping. The stitch pattern hides in those striped a bit, but it's a lot more fun to look at than plain stockinette. It was just challenging enough to keep things interesting, but not so hard to keep track of that I can't do it in a room full of talking family members.

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1 comment:

KaHolly said...

So pretty! I'm making my first pair of down. I hope I can follow the directions and turn that heel! I'm working on 4 needles and I don't find it too easy.


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