Monday, April 27, 2015

Procrastination and Wheel Spokes

I love this kitten and her bicycle and I really want her in my Garden Party Quilt, but something about those wheel spokes was intimidating. I got the black part of the tires partially done, then it sat untouched for almost a month.

I can't abandon the whole project over a few wheel spokes, can I? But I couldn't convince myself to work on it, not even fifteen minutes at a time. For the moment, I'm ignoring the wheels and working on the cat. Maybe if I get everything else done, I'll be able to force myself to finish the wheels and chain.

Either that, or I'm going to start another block!

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Kitty said...

Sometimes working on the rest of it is exactly what you need to light a fire under your bum to finish the tough part! I bet once the cat is finished, you will have motivation to finish the spokes, since with EVERYthing else finished, it would be a shame to keep it out!! Starting another block would be okay, too :) Good luck!

Amanda Best said...

I used to have that problem, too. Now I stitch the most difficult, or most boring part of an embroidery project first, so I have the cutest/easiest part to do last. This has really helped me to finish up my embroidery projects, hope it might help you, too. I love that kitty pattern, I bought mine a few weeks ago.

colleen said...

Oh gosh I really understand it. What I have done to avoid using stitches I am just not comfortable doing is change the stitch. Perhaps this can work for you. For the straight spokes lay down # 5 pearl cotton then do tiny stitches over it to hold it in place ... In other words couch it. For the chain perhaps a laisy daisy stitch
Any way good luck
I also bribe myself

CathieJ said...

I actually think the tires would be more difficult than the wheel spokes. Dive in, you will be much happier once those spokes are started.

Judy S. said...

That's a cute little kitten! Do the rest of the blocks incorporate embroidery also? I'm a great procrastinator, too, and am trying to get back with a sampler.


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