Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I Want One!

Look what the kids and I saw at the thrift store earlier this week: 

If it had been a little bit cheaper, or if I'd had the know-how to figure out whether it was in working condition, it would have come home with us. Because I seriously want an old phonograph. This one would even fit in my house.

The old record player on the left isn't bad either, but I was too dazzled by the older one to see what they were asking  for it.

The iron looked fun, too, but I've got something similar in the sewing room already and I was being good.

Want to know what  I did buy? A stack of inexpensive chapter books for the boys and a three dollar pair of shoes for Teenage Daughter.

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Maria Brittis said...

Love your blog, love to invite you to Fabulous Friday Party
Thanks Maria

laura sampson said...

I WANT ONE TOO : ) but I already have a 1956 or so big record player/radio console so I better be good too


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