Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Question For My Left-Handed Readers

I'm left-handed. These days, I don't think about it much. Or didn't, until we realized that our youngest son is also left-handed. Then I started to notice the comments that I get when I write something in public -- and to wonder how on Earth complete strangers can think it's appropriate to say things along the lines of "Oh, you're left handed!  That's weird." Someone actually told me last year that I write "like a dyslexic Hebrew."  How did that even come out of his mouth?  

I cut with right-handed scissors because in public school classrooms, that's all that was ever available. (My mother bought a left-handed pair every year and labeled them, but they were never in the communal scissors rack.) Not having to always have a special pair has made life easier for me. And it kept me from getting fired from a job after my new employer saw me writing with my left hand and decided that I wouldn't be able to use her tools. 

I knit the standard way and use my rotary cutter in whichever hand is in the best position to make the cut. 

I'm hoping my son will be able to to do the same.

So if you're left-handed, I'm curious -- how do you do things? I just read a library book about raising a left-handed child and if I wasn't left-handed myself, it would have terrified me. Who knew that there were so many specialized tools and appliances? 


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

My dad is ambidextrous, my son is a leftie and my granddaughter is a leftie. I LOVE lefties!! The only accommodation I made when raising my son was getting him scissors for lefties and spiral bound paper on the top so it didn't get in his way when writing. I think lefties are very special. =)

Sherry said...

I am left handed and my son is also. I cut with my right hand but love it when I get to use left handed scissors. I use my rotary cutter with both hands but crochet and embroider etc. with my left hand. I grew up using my right arm to throw a ball, bowl, bat etc. and I think I would have done better if I had learned to do these things left handed. I do find it challenging to teach my grandchildren how to crochet etc. but we just keep trying.

Rhonda D. said...

I am left handed. The only things that I do with my right hand is cut with scissors and play guitar. I use the rotary cutter with both hands.

Briarose said...

I too am left handed as are 3 of my children. We don't require special tools, we are great at adapting. I do just about everything with my left hand. I don't know where people get these crazy notions or saying from, but a lot (ok most of them are hurtful). Just help your child along the way if he needs it. Oh, and never, ever chnage my kitchen around so it 'looks' normal....by the way what is 'normal'?

Rita B said...

I am left handed and cut right handed for the same reason,public school. I am aware of where I sit with right handed people. That is probably the only situation that I take concern with. My wonderful mother in law is also left handed so we always sit beside each other.Paring knives and measuring cups are not made for us.It is ok to be left handed and I totally accept it, everyone has their own special gifts regardless. Don't ever let uneducated people convince you otherwise. The only thing that I would like to be able to do is to teach my grand daughter how to knit, but I can teach her to quilt!

Beth said...

I am left handed - totally. I do everything - write, throw, iron and cut as a lefty though I have always used right hanede scissors, Ihold them in my left hand. Hardest thing for me to figure out was turning on and off faucets - lefty losy, righty tighty saved mybacon!

usagypsy said...

My son is a lefty. Funny I never thought about the scissor thing before. Did they even have lefty scissors in the 80s? He uses his right hand for scissor cutting. I don't remember many negative comments. I do remember a little league coach getting upset with him because he would never bat from the same side of the plate. He yelled at him and told him to pick a side and stick with it. I'm sorry but I thought when a ball player could do that it was a good thing?!

Heather said...

i'm a leftie and do many things left handed. Knit and crochet right handed, can't use scissors in my right hand but use a rotary cutter in both. As for sports, it depends on the sport.

Don't worry about whether son uses right or left as long as he's able to learn the skill it doesn't matter.

Sheila said...

My father was left handed. I remember when he found a pair of scissors for lefties. He bought two pairs, tied strings on them and said they were HIS. We, my mother and siblings, were happy for him. We always let Daddy pick where he wanted to sit at the table first. Then we would sit down. When I'm with lefties, I offer to let them chose where they want to sit at the table first. Then I had four left handed grandchildren. Our family thinks left handed people are cool : )

colleen said...

I know you asked for left handers. I am a right handed period.I tried to "use" my left hand to do various things write throw cut but not possible for me I could write somewhat if I guided my left hand with my right. I really tried as I knew a lady who due to a stroke was unable to use her right hand we talked and I didn't want to be in her situation. For me my left hand is just for balance. People who are able to really use both hands are on a higher level to me. As to left handers they are very interesting to me. One lefty had lovely handwriting she turned the paper 90 degrees , for reasons unknown to me left handers seem to have terrible hand writing. One nurse I knew who was a lefty would ask other nurses to draw blood for her patients "it's difficult for me because I am left handed" !!!! that was just untrue that left handed nurse just didn't want to do that part of the job......so my advice is to never allow your child to use his handedness as an excuse And hopefully your child is able to use both hands I wish I could
I'd also advise to not force any handed ness because it could be your child is able to use both hands.
Also I had a hand quilting class the teacher was a lefty she had the rightys sit in front of her and the leftys behind her......think about it no matter what handedness each student was able to see and relate to the correct hand for them.
Perhaps leftys are so interesting to me is that they seem more able to use both hands while I really only have my right


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