Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quiltville Challenge Update

It's starting to look like I'll meet Jo's challenge and have a Quiltville quilt finished in time for the reveal. 

I counted. And I counted again. And I'm still 22 bowties short. Frustrated isn't really the word for it, not when I didn't find out that there was a problem until I'd assembled the bowties into 12" blocks.

Here are the options I can see --

1) Make 22 more bowties and take apart a bunch of the blocks to scatter the colors evenly through the quilt.

2) Make 22 more bowties and carefully choose the fabrics so that they'll be varied enough not to look weird.

3) Make 2 more bowties and have a finished quilt that's six inches narrower than the original plan.

The first two options would never happen, so I'm going with the third. Or, I suppose, I could make enough bowties to make the quilt a lot bigger and then it would all blend together.

I'm going to go for a finished, slightly smaller than planned, quilt.


Michelle England said...

Option 3 and add a border or two to increase the quilt size.

Mary said...

I agree with Michele add a border to make up the difference. Nice to know My Bow ties aren't the only ones not finished.

Jo said...

It's nice to see I'm not the only one who ends up with quilt problems.


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