Saturday, November 15, 2014

I'm loving market day and irons...

At least when it comes to vintage embroidery. I have a harder time getting excited about actual trips to the grocery store. Is it possible that all of these snails and puppies are quilters? Maybe that's why they're so happy about their irons! 

I knew as soon as I saw these two that I wanted them in my quilt, but the pattern was unopened and so old that I felt bad about actually using it. My experience with the lamp pattern convinced me that I might as well open it up and see if there was even any ink left on the transfer sheet. The images were there, but the transfer seemed to have lost some of its oomph.

This set of transfers has me wondering what the artist was thinking. I love this gal with her steaming iron, but why does she look like she's just realized that someone is watching her?

In most of the images she looks blissfully unaware, but in the one with the pie she looks downright ticked off.


krislovesfabric said...

Love those chicks, glad you chose to use them...maybe she's just not a fan of ironing...I know I'm not!

Swedish Scrapper said...

I love these! I was hoping I might find some in my grandmother's things, but there weren't any. Nice to know they sometimes can be salvaged and used.

Cecelia said...

Love your embroidery! I too love to embroider I have bunches of vintage lady type patterns.

Jo said...

I love the gals in the window!! I've seen that and almost bought it a couple times.


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