Thursday, July 10, 2014

Still Playing With Barbie

I did some more digging and found my own Barbie -- but she's got the wrong head. Instead of her ponytail, she's got a Fashion Queen Barbie head. I know the right head is around here somewhere and I'm determined to find it!  These, along with the doll I showed you last week, are the Barbies I played with the most. My sister and both I had tons of 70s and early 80s era Barbies, but I don't love them the way I do these ladies.

I can't get over the clothes that Mom had for her Barbies! They're just so pretty and ladylike and nothing at all like the stuff my own Barbies or my daughter's dolls came with.  (Teenage Daughter wants me to point out that they have polish on their fingers and toes.) The dresses are a little squashed and dingy after fifty years, but I'm not going to clean them up without doing some real research first.

I love the detail and the construction. All of those pleats and darts and ruffles...can you even imagine putting zippers in the back of something that tiny?  The accessories are long gone, except for the shopping bag (which I hear might be in Mom's jewelry box.)

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Terri said...

There aren't any comments because we are all so jealous, we can't think of anything nice to say...
Good for you that you are finding all the missing pieces of your Mom's Barbie. It's my era of the girl, too. My sis and I played paper dolls, we weren't allowed B.
too expensive.

Karin Vail said...

Great Barbie's! I have my Barbie - which has the blonde ponytail and the curly bangs. I have no idea her age - she was old when I got her around 1971.(neighbor found her at the dump! The dumps were treasure troves back then!) I have several others from the 70's including ''The Sunshine Family'' and a Barbie Van too :) And then, I never had daughters! (Two sons, but maybe someday I'll have granddaughters!)

Jill said...

Stopping in from Share your Cup - I have noticed quite a few Barbie posts lately, I did one last month myself - we must be all getting sentimental - great post - Barbie was the best!!

Susan Clayton said...

I was lucky enough to have a friend with a treasure trove of early Barbies. You're so right - the early Barbie clothes were awesome. Brought back a lot of memories!

Jo said...

Hey-what's the little magazine that you're seeing the old clothes from. I seem to remember some of the pictures from my sister's dolls but can't seem to remember a book.


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