Thursday, July 03, 2014

Death in Perspective

I love the Cherry Tucker mysteries and the fourth book in the series, Death in Perspective, is no exception. Always working hard to make ends meet, Cherry has taken a job at an elite private school, hired by the drama teacher to paint the backdrops for his underwater production of Romeo and Juliette and figure out who's been harassing the staff with malicious emails. Seeing Cherry deal with school administrators and sullen students, not to mention her extended family with all of their problems, is a lot of fun and the mystery kept me guessing until almost the last page.

As part of the book's promotional tour, I got a chance to interview the author, Larissa Reinhart.

Thanks so much for having me on your Romantic Tangle, Michelle! I’m excited to be here!

Do you and Cherry have anything in common -- like her training in the arts or interesting wardrobe choices?

The arts, yes. Wardrobe choices, not at all! I have to get ideas for those on Pinterest, although I do have an eight-year-old daughter who puts together some pretty crazy outfits. And she loves to wear cowboy boots. As for the arts, in grad school I studied art history, but so did my new husband and I worried we’d never get jobs in the same state. While an art history major, I began taking art classes, thinking I might go into graphic design. I loved those classes, but felt pretty intimidated by all the more talented artists in my fine arts classes. I had a bachelor’s degree in history and decided to go into teaching instead. I still love art, always have. Now I still do some sketching, encourage my daughters in the arts, and go to a lot of museums.

Even after reading all four book in the series, I can't make up my mind whether The Bear is a good guy or a bad guy.  Care to offer any hints?

I’m not really sure either! I (fictionally) enjoy people like the Bear who ride that line. I find them very entertaining. Back in his home country, he was involved with casino gangsters. I think there, Max lived a more cut throat lifestyle. He was motivated to get out of poverty and become rich in way he could. However, he did have other interests, like history and art, and perhaps those kept him from completely hardening. His interest is still profit, but I think Cherry reminds him of where he came from. And she’s always riding him to keep on the right side of the law!

Will you be writing more about Cherry and her family and friends?

Definitely! Right now I’m writing her fifth book, THE BODY IN THE LANDSCAPE. It takes place at Big Rack Hunting Lodge where Cherry’s hired to paint a “kill portrait.” When Cherry Tucker discovers a body while painting a landscape on the grounds of Big Rack, the participants in a weekend wild hog hunting contest become suspects with secrets. Cherry and her friends try to discover the killer before he or she strikes again.


Larissa Reinhart said...

Thanks so much for the lovely review and fun interview! I enjoyed sharing Max's past.

Anonymous said...

Great interview. I always enjoy learning a little about the authors of books.

Angie Young

Larissa Reinhart said...

Thanks Angie! I love talking about my characters, so it was fun to share a little about Max. Thanks for stopping by!


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