Tuesday, July 02, 2013

sometimes, estate sales leave me at a loss for words...

It was out in the woods, next to a drop off with caution tape strung between the trees....and at the bottom of the cliff was a jumble of broken wooden furniture with at least two old cribs in the pile. There were sheds that were coated in thick moss, rusty tools, the portholes from a WWII ship, and everything else you could imagine -- including a Santa suit.... I couldn't figure out how to take a picture without being seen by the family members hosting the sale, so just picture the place where the cannibals in a horror movie would live and throw in a bunch of brand new Halloween decorations.
If Hubby hadn't been with us, I'm not sure Teenage Daughter and I would've had the nerve to go into the house. Which was actually very nice -- not at all what we expected from the yard.
Teenage Daughter has been thinking a disco ball would be cool, but she's not willing to accept a substitute made from Solo cups and Christmas lights. (Want one? I found a website devoted to them, complete with tutorials.)  
They had an amazing array of video game consoles (Teenage Son was thrilled to get a Sega Game Gear for five bucks) and more digital cameras than makes any kind of sense.
We also wound up bringing home a rusty old anchor, a two dollar unicycle, and a motion detecting spider.
And a the next garage sale,  I fell in love just a bit. If it hadn't been in a cabinet, and Hubby hadn't been with us, and it hadn't seemed to have electrical problems (they shouldn't start running as soon as they're plugged in, right?) I would've been tempted to bring her home with us.
Aren't those dials neat?

And Teenage Son found a Gameboy Advance and ten games for a great deal. Now I've got enough handheld games for all of my boys -- maybe I won't have to fight so hard for the use of my Kindle Fire!


Angie said...

This might help you get over passing up the Belvedere Adler sewing machine:

I agree though - what a cool-looking machine!

Paula @ Sewy Stuff said...

Those solo cup lights are actually kinda pretty at night. Not sure they'd substitute for a disco ball though (well, maybe if you could put it on some kind of spinner, LOL).

Terri in BC said...

Ha-ha! I, too, went to an "estate" sale this weekend, which in reality was the daughter forcing hoarder dad to start clearing out the yard. He wanted top dollar for everything, and I didn't see a single thing leave in the entire time I was there. I feel sorry for the daughter once he passes, she is going to have sooooo much to get rid of.

Mary said...

What family bonding! I think I grew up in that location you were referring to. My stepfather was a junk dealer.

My MIL has one of those balls she hangs on the lamp post at Christmas. My husband HATES it!

I went to an estate sale this weekend, too. I bought two sewing machines. Check out my blog to see. Fortunately, my husband was enamored with my sewing machine purchases. Not so much the really cool church pew I bought.


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