Friday, June 03, 2011


Remember getting warned as a little kid about all of those shots in the stomach you'd have to get if a rabid animal bit you? They should warn bigger kids about all of the shots in the stomach you have to get if you develop blood clots after surgery. Ten days and ten shots later, I'm finally DONE! (Six more months of rat poison pills, still can't drive, still limping around on crutches, but at least that daily 40 mile round trip to the hospital is over with.)

Knitting has started to lose its thrill again. How many days can you spend with needles in your hand every waking hour before it starts to get boring? If you're not working on anything exciting...if I had better projects, I'm sure my motivation would've lasted longer.

I finished a pair of clunky lace socks for a friend. She doesn't knit yet, but has that deep appreciation for wool that you find in Elizabeth Zimmermann's books. The one that I personally don't share unless I'm knitting lace or something to be felted. Or socks. Because most of the pretty sock yarn is wool.

I'm dying to get my hands on some fabric!

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