Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today was errand day and we were on the road for hours. I really didn't think I'd get it all done, but the kids are signed up for the library summer reading club, the mail's been picked up, groceries bought, karate classes taken... and even though I had to double back to the house because I'd forgotten the torn couch cushions and the pharmacy filled our prescriptions at the wrong location so I had to drive across town an extra time, I'm feeling pretty cheerful.

The apron book I've had reserved at the library came in and most of the patterns (except for my absolute favorite) only call for a yard of fabric. I've got some cute one yard cuts of fabric!

I ducked into Joann's for the new issue of Quiltmaker because I wanted to check out Bonnie Hunter's new mystery and absolutely fell in love with the cover quilt. It's got curves. And I really really like Dusky Meadows, which strikes me as very Bento Boxy. I'm thinking Halloween prints, because I've got a ton of those.

There's a new Knitty, and the patterns actually loaded on my computer. I've gotta make The Deadliest Crab. Because that's what you do after you knit a disappointing lobster, isn't it? And a Trilobite hat for one of the boys. If I had a little girl, I'd be knitting Elenka I think I've got some pink cotton that was going to be an apron....maybe I could knit one for charity? And there's Kingdom, a gorgeous pair of cabled gloves. And Treetop Socks, a cabled pair of kneehighs that makes me drool. And Outside In, another pair of gorgeous socks.

Now I've gotta put the couches back together and start some laundry. Hopefully my energy will hold out a bit longer and I can do a few more string blocks.

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