Friday, January 23, 2009

more birds in the air

I really like the way this quilt is coming out --

There are forty-seven blocks laid out here, and yes, they are facing the wrong way, but this is the best angle I could stand at without a bunch of Match Box cars showing up in the picture. Which leads to a problem -- If I'm going to keep making bigger and bigger quilts, I need a bigger floor.

The pattern is for a 72x87 inch quilt. I'd make it a bit smaller, but then I'd have to leave off some of the appliqued birds and I really do want the birds...

It's the cat quilt all over again, with fewer fabric choices.

And speaking of the cat quilt, I've made the unhappy decision that I need to let one of my cats go. It's an adorable kitty, but I used the same pink and black floral on my nine-patch and after several trips through the wash, that little square of fabric looks awful. So it won't be going in the cat quilt.

At least I discovered the problem before it became a permanent part of the quilt.

I also wish I'd saved every selvage I ever cut off of a piece of fabric. This afternoon, I stumbled across and Selvage Blog. Now I desperately want to make potholders.

And I also almost want to knit a sweater.

Knitting Daily has a free pattern up for a worsted weight sweater -- Vienne. I'd absolutely be casting on for this if my brain could handle figuring out the right gauge or size or counting the stitches to cast on. But that toe up stockinette sock foot sitting on my little table is more than I want to think about knitting right now.

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