Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Sweater


Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky,slightly more than 3 skeins
Needles: Denise size 10
Pattern: Oh So Cool (Creative Knitting, March 2008)

This makes the third sweater I've cast on and finished in January. They're children's sweaters, worsted weight or heavier, and mostly stockinette, but that still seems like an awful lot of sweaters.

I've got another one still on the needles for Leif, and yarn and patterns lined up to cast on three more for the other kids, and a few more ideas kicking around, not to mention those Mommy-size sweaters I'm going to get around to eventually...

This can't go on forever, but maybe I'll work my way through more of my acrylic stash before the weather warms up. Some of that has been following me around for quite a while, but my stash has definitely shifted over the past year or so. I've knit up a lot of the oldest stuff, yarn I bought for projects that were never going to happen because they were just bad choices. If feels good to have that stuff used up, but it's got me wondering exactly what my goals are when it comes to knitting down my stash.

I do want to limit my spending for a while, to only buy yarns that I really want or need. The yarns that will nag at me forever if they're sold out or discontinued before I get any. Or yarns that I'm going to use so quickly it doesn't matter.

I don't really care about reducing the size of my stash. I've go the space for it. I could probably triple it without totally overwhelming my sewing room. If I had to, I could squish it down into a closet, so even if I didn't have the room, I wouldn't be getting rid of my yarn.

It's not about reducing the size of my queue either. I don't look at that as an actual plan. It's more of a wishlist, and not one that I take very seriously. If I want to make a specific project badly enough, I'll get around to it. Eventually. As long as I don't get distracted by a plan to knit a cabled sweater for my friend's little lap dog. A sweater that wouldn't use up any of my stash, because I'd frog Presto Chango for the yarn....


Alison said...

That IS a lot of sweaters--wow! Well done! As for the one that almost got ripped out, sometimes I think a supply of WIP's is useful: it means you can have a finished project quickly when you need one.

--AlisonH at

Rachel said...

Amen to not reducing size of stash! Ha ha, I've got the room, too, as long as my hubby doesn't venture up into the attic too often, lol!

Great job on all those sweaters! That's an awful lot of work!

Onion0 said...

Hello, I'm in the UK and trying to get hold of this pattern. Do you still have it?


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