Saturday, January 06, 2007

A whole lot of temptation arrived with the afternoon mail today. There was the new Joann's flyer (50% off Keepsakes Calico, 50% off clearance fabric, $1.50 balls of Sugar N Cream....) and the new Lion Brand Catalog (organic cotton and pretty new colors of Cotton-Ease) and the new issue of Vogue (strangely, nothing in there that makes me want to rush out and buy yarn or resubscribe.)

I really like the Lion Brand catalog. Lot of pretty ideas, and lots of the projects are available as free downloads from the website. I've been printing patterns for little hooded baby ponchos since Quinn was born, but haven't come up with the right combination of pattern and yarn this might be the one. I just have to decide whether to use the skeins of Cotton Ease I've got in my stash that I bought to make Trellis with, or find something else to substitute.

I have a hard time using yarn I bought for one project to make something else. Even though I know it's not special yarn, I can't get over the feeling that I'm giving up that first project forever. Even yarn that doesn't have a specific project gets me into trouble because if I use it to make this, then I can't make that...

Trellis is going to be a substantial amount of time and effort, and it would be much...can't say prettier, because it's for a little boy, but it'll be much more something in one of the new Cotton Ease colors. Which I can buy nine months from now. Because I'm going to stay good and resist all of this fun temptation.

I like the Sweater Bag, but it's a lot of knitting and I never even wind up using the bags I do knit for myself. But I printed it out so I can add it to the binders. Maybe one of these days I'll have exactly the right yarn and the urge to knit it. Or not.

What I do have the urge to do is figure out where I put my copy of Knit It! We were watching Nanny McPhee on DVD the other night and I was drawn to the boy's bright blue sweater and trying to figure out what it was that made me like it so much. There are textured stripes, but are they rows of garter stitch or something else? Then it got to the scene where they're flying kites on the gravelly beach and I remembered the Nanny Mcphee inspired sweaters in Knit It! But not if there was a sweater like the blue one.

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