Saturday, January 13, 2007

Scarves are deceptive. I know I've heard somewhere that they're quick and easy knitting projects, and maybe if you're using novelty yarn and size fifteen needles they are.

The scarves I wind up knitting aren't. There was the blue Madeira Lace scarf I sat in an empty room and worked on when they laid the new carpet. It took twenty hours and more concentration than I thought I had. There was How Does Your Garden Grow with its miles of I-cord and oodles of little leaves. There was the Dream Swatch.

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So I shouldn't be at all surprised that the pink lace scarf is taking me so long. It's a scarf. And it's got that tricky "knit three, then pull the first stitch over the other two stitches and let it drop" maneuver, which would probably be easier with smoother yarn, or yarn that had some stretch to it, or pointier needles.

The whole thing makes my hands hurt after a few repeats, but it's pretty and soft and scrunches up nicely and I'm convinced I'm going to love it and wear it when it's done. (Keep in mind that I haven't worn any of the scarves I've knitted so far, and that this is probably another pretty-yarn-induced delusion.)

It's hangs out on the arm of the couch and I knit a few repeats at night while we're watching television or in the afternoon while I'm watching the babies. Except for that little bit of knitting, I've been puttering around the house and enjoying the running water and the wonderful fluffy bath towels Bill bought me for Christmas.

I made banana bread from scratch this morning, but something went wrong. Banana bread is not supposed to look like this. I don't know if it was the bananas, which were far past their prime, or the flour Bill made in the Vitamix last night, or the recipe I printed off the internet because I couldn't find the one I wanted to use.

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In case anyone but me cares, I'm still knitting from my stash -- fifteen days since I bought yarn or fabric!

If I switched to scarf knitting, my stash would probably last forever...


Ranee said...


I have a really good banana bread recipe (if you like allspice, anyway), that I can give you if you want. Even people who don't like banana bread seem to like mine.


Rachel said...

It looks like a very pretty scarf! Sorry about the banana bread. Sometimes if you have heavy flour it will cause the bread to be crumbly.

2bzy2knit said...

What kind of sweetner did you use? I think honey will make it crumbly like that. Sometimes I like to use half and half with brown and white sugar with banana bread. Good luck on the scarf! - Andrea,


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