Sunday, August 13, 2006

The world is getting weirder. When I drove Alex up to town for her karate lesson on Thursday, everyone was talking about bombs that had gone off around town. There was nothing on the news about local scary stuff (not that explosives in sports drinks aren't scary enough!), so I assumed it was just a bunch of rumors. After the knitting guild meeting yesterday, Sue reminded us that our cars had been parked for a while and we should check underneath them before we got in.

One of the bombs that did go off on Thursday was five blocks from our old house. Have I mentioned how glad I am that we don't live in Salem anymore?

My infatuation for the log cabin blanket came to an abrupt end last night. I don't exactly hate it, but I'm not planning to work on it again any time soon. The random placement of colors is starting to look wrong and I'm worrying about it way too much and it's time to cast on something else. There are some interesting ideas on the Mason Dixon KAL about what to do with the center square that have me plotting more log cabin blankets, but that's in the distant future.

This morning I started the Easy Baby Cardigan, an online freebie from Knitting Pure and Simple. Bonnie on Knitting Mothers just finished one and it's cute as can be. After a brief moment when I realized that my plan to start the collar and measure the stitch gauge from that wouldn't work because the gauge is supposed to be in stockinette and another moment when I started to worry about whether or not I'd be able to figure out all of those markers and increases, it's going great. The Denim Twist Wool-Ease looks great knitted up, and I've got that wonderful sense of contentment that comes when you realize that stash yarn is really going to become something cute instead of just sitting there forever looking like a bad idea. I bought this stuff when Quinn was the size Leif is now and if I'm going to make a sweater to fit one of my own babies, it's now or never.

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It looks black in the picture, but it's really this great combination of dark and darker blue. I think it's going to look even nicer in the sweater than it does in the skein, and I really like the way it looks in the skeins.

I've been deliberately ignoring the date, and certain people who seem determined to count down the days, but it finally hit at about midnight last night that Leif's surgery is soon. In an attempt to keep myself from thinking about how we're going to be in the hospital for three days and how freaked out hospitals make me, I'm planning which yarn and patterns to take with me.

I'm definitely going to take some of the wonderful stuff that Denise brought back from the Brown Sheep outlet for me. The purple Cotton Fleece is going to become a lace scarf. The yellow superwash is for my Rapunzel socks. Not sure about the rest, but it's gonna be something good.

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