Sunday, May 10, 2020

Ten Days into Stitch Maynia 2020

My plan was to post every day or two and show all of my new starts with all of the details. Obviously that isn't happening so far. 

But actually stitching is more important than writing about and photographing the stitching, right? I've been stitching a lot since the first of May....

That's nine starts in the first nine days, despite a low level three day migraine that I'm still trying to shake. I'm eager to keep working on most of these and trying to figure out what to start each day is keeping me from obsessing over masks and lock downs and how uncertain the future feels.

So I'll take that as a win, and  try to update more frequently as the days pass.

The projects are:

Mad Bluebird by Bucilla
Stitching ABC by Design Works
Stitching Lessons by Riolis 
Dollhouse Hutch by Bucilla 
Flowers in a Window by Stone Street Stitchworks (free download) 
Window With Magpie by Riolis 
Lobster Bouquet by Ink Circles  (free download) 
Thimbelina the Needlework Fairy by Lynne Nicoletti

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