Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to School Socks

My vacation socks were a bit of a disappointment. I'd been saving the yarn for a big trip. Trips were planned and cancelled and I kept my hands off of the yarn because it was a special treat to be saved for road knitting. (I've got specific criteria for road knitting yarn. The really special stuff gets savored at home. The stuff that's pretty but not suited for anything but self striping stockinette makes good trip knitting.) 

When we hit the road and I cast on, the yarn was much brighter than it looked in the skein, not at all what the color name "fern rose" had conjured up in my head. It took me most of the first sock to come to terms with the fact that my socks were bright crayon colors and not delicate garden colors.

I've renamed them my Back to School Socks. With their bold colors that name fits them better, and there will be lots more pairs of vacation socks in my future.

Update -- Teenage Daughter may have complained about her owl embossed ankles, but she's not willing to give up the socks. And my friends on the knitting lists tell me that cabled socks tend to do that, especially with boots. I'm glad to hear that I'm not cutting off the circulation to her feet!

And I've decided to go ahead with the sock knit along based on my sock pattern that isn't a pattern. They'll be toe up, knit on double pointed needles (this would be a great project for learning DPNs, since you aren't joining a bunch of stitches and worrying about twisting them), and I'll include instructions for both fingering and worsted weight yarn. I won't be ready to start for a while (I want to have all of the steps written out and double check my math before I post the first step) but I'll have the details for you this weekend.

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Briarose said...

I'd love to buy some socks from you. Do you sell them? PLEASE???

straythreads said...

Your color name is much more appropriate love it with the box of crayons. I'm with you on knitting in the car plain socks are the best with self striping yarn have a great weekend

Judy S. said...

Fun socks, despite the name confusion!

Suzanne said...

Great socks with a colorful name.

Carie said...

Box of crayons is a much better name than soft fern - though I'd love to see the ferns the colour was based on! They are fabulous socks though and look nice and warm and cozy!

Jenny said...

I'm a bit of a closest sock knitter - dearly want to start but so scared of those heels and toe bits! Perhaps your new pattern might be just what I need to get started.


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