Tuesday, December 07, 2010

No words for me :-(

All week long, I've been drooling over blog posts counting down to the release of Word Play Quilts. Especially the ones over at The Patchery Menagerie -- I can't put into words how much I love that fox quilt. Look at the back of this quilt over at A Few Scraps. And there's this neat little button quilt...and Tonya's Slither Eek Boo quilt...and more neat words here...

I was starting to hope that just maybe my copy might come in the mail soon, but I checked my order status this morning and it hasn't even shipped. Not that I'd be piecing letters today, but I want to be able to drool over it in person.

My one attempt at piecing letters didn't come out too bad. Not sure why I haven't tried more of it, but it probably has something to do with the four wild things.

I finally started piecing the blocks for Monkey Business, which is the whole reason I couldn't live without Scrap Basket Surprises. They go together easily enough, but I can't wrap my head around the way the quilt is laid out. Which means I can't figure out how many blocks I need to make it the size I want. Which makes me nervous.

I can do this. I just need to make enough blocks for me to lay out and see how the pattern works.

Baby quilt #4 has been done for a while, but I think I need to start over because I ordered a bunch of fabric from the Cyber Monday sale at Connecting Threads. I don't feel the slightest bit guilty, just frustrated that it messed up my count.


scraphappy said...

Watch out, once you start making words it is hard to stop.

Millie said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! I'm blushing! I'd be happy to help you with making letters while you wait for Tonya's book to be delivered. Email me at patcherymenagerie AT gmail DOT com.

You are on the right track with yours!


Tonya Ricucci said...

hey, those SUNs look great!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the mention of my Button quilt!

Your "sun"s look good - keep going! And you can't go wrong getting help from Lynne - she does incredible letters!


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