Sunday, July 04, 2010

I need a clothesline.

I've been saying that for about twelve years now, but at times like this, I really wish I had a clothesline so I show off my new fabric in style. Fourteen men's shirts that I think I spent a grand total of four bucks on. Three or four came from a free box at what was otherwise the lamest yard sale ever, and the rest came from a sale at the local thrift shop's storage unit where they sell clothes three for a dollar.

They'll be an absolutely great start for a quilt I've been wanting to make. I just don't know when.

At my last appointment, the doctor said to stop trying to quilt for a while. Not what I wanted to hear, especially since it's been a couple of weeks since I even tried to quilt. I've been patient -- now I want my life back!

I thought I'd take the boys to McDonald's this afternoon to burn off some energy in their playland. How mobile do you have to be to sit on a chair and sip diet Coke and keep two preschoolers from escaping through the one door? More than I am, apparently.

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