Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally -- my first knitting finish for 2009! It's the Victorian Scarf in Knitpicks Crayon. Jalapeno, because they were out of Beach Glass when I placed my order.

I like this pattern. It knit up in a couple of evenings and was interesting, but simple enough that I could keep track of it with my pack of kids running through the room. I'd recommend as a beginning lace project, but with a different yarn because I had a hard time reading my stitches with the boucle even though I supposedly know what I'm doing.

The yarn itself is incredibly soft and smooshy. I haven't had the time or patience to try wet blocking it yet and find out if the lace in my scarf will stretch out and lay as nicely as the one in the pattern. Maybe when the blocking wires get here, which might be today.

I was so annoyed by my goof with the palette colors that I forgot all about my other new goodies until I got into the box for the skein of Crayon.

I love the Knitting Needle Coil Wraps. In this picture, they're around four size two needles and they're very snug. Looks like they'll stretch enough for bigger needles, but nothing is going to fall out. I want these for ALL of my dpns. Fifty cents each seemed pricey at first, but not when I considered how much I've got invested in needles.

I did read on one of the knitting lists a while back that you could cut up one of those plastic coil ID holders and get the same result, but I don't know where to get one of those.

I like the Sock Knitting Needle Holders too. It was a bit of a challenge to get my sock into it, but to pack them for travelling in the car, this may be exactly what I needed.

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