Monday, June 16, 2008

Today has been gorgeous. The kids ran wild outside for hours and I spent time in the sewing room sorting fabric to find the right colors for two new quilts I'd like to start soon. And for the three scrap quilts I'm already working on. Then the mountain of fabric got overwhelming and I sat and flipped through old quilting magazines and found another five or six projects to fall in love with.

I will work my way through these scraps!

Now that the binding for the shaded nine-patch is mostly on, I'm feeling motivated to finish more quilt tops. Binding had intimidated me, to the point that I thought I'd probably never manage to do it right. I was just going to make a bunch of unfinished quilt tops to hand down to my future grandchildren.

Turns out that binding isn't like seaming sweaters. You cut it and iron it and sew it on and although my hand sewing leaves a lot to be desired, it's on the back. And these aren't heirlooms.

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