Monday, June 19, 2006

What was I doing?

It's our fourth full day at home and I still haven't had a chance to settle in with one of my projects. I've tried to do two major grocery shopping trips and both times had to rush through the store with screaming babies and forgotten half the stuff I meant to buy. I've also been out twice to buy yarn -- isn't it convenient when you can get yarn and groceries under the same roof? And strawberry picking with the kids and to a quilt show and to the library and to Kaiser to get another ultrasound of Leif's kidney... I'm really ready for a chance to sit down!

Until I checked the list of WIPs on my sidebar, I couldn't even remember what I was working on before we left. The quilts, which aren't on the list. A summer top for Alex...the traveler socks...the feather and fan shawl, which I've decided was just a swatch so I won't feel guilty about unravelling it and using the yarn for something else...the Regia Jubilee socks...How Does Your Garden Grow? which is still just a long piece of green I-cord...

And the warshrags, which deserve a post of their very own.

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