Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What happened to my chickens?

I've been playing around with Butterfly at the Crossroads, a pattern from The quilter's recipe book : all the ingredients you need to create over 100 fabulous quilts, working on four blocks, each in different yellow and red prints. The finished quilt should come out about the right size to tuck into the car seat.

It didn't hit me until I had almost all of the cutting done that the red fabric was my chicken fabric. I've got a vivid memory of standing there in the fabric store and picking out just the right red and black prints for my chickens. What I can't remember is what the pattern looked like, what it was called, or whether it was in a magazine or a library book. I can't even remember if my chickens were going to be appliqued or paper-pieced.

Even though I like the way these yellow and red blocks are turning out, I feel a little sad about sacrificing my chickens. There might be enough fabric left for them, but I won't know until I find the pattern...this is going to haunt me, I can tell....

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